Package Name- Chitlang Village Tour (2 days)
Group size: 2
Departure from: Kathmandu Arrival on: Kathmandu
Guide Name: Thrill Himalaya Guide Gender: male
Guide Spoken Language: English,Hindi,Nepali,Chinese
Meals: All meal
Accommodation: Homestay, Resort
Group size: 2
Departure from: Kathmandu
Arrival on: Kathmandu
Guide Name: Thrill Himalaya
Guide Gender: male
Guide Spoken Language:
All meal
Homestay, Resort

Trip Introduction

Chitlang: Chitlang is one of the nearest hike route available around Kathmandu valley. A little uphill Thankot, we will gather at Godam, from where our trek began. Typically, from Ratnapark to Chitlang, it is an hour and a half drive. Since we will take the trek route, it took us for 5 hours, a little more and less depending upon the speed of groups.

Chitlang, as known today,also has been known with many different names, some of them being, Chitrapur, Shudhapur, Kolapur, Hastinapur, Champapur.It is believed that it all began with an inscription found in Toukhel, Ward 6 of Chitlang VDC, that is believed to have been established by the King Amshubarma. According to the inscription, Amshubarma had given the land to shepherds and established a settlement for shepherds in the area. It is believed that these people called ‘Gopalis’ are the descendants of rulers of the Gopal era.The history of Chitlang VDC is said to be related to this stupa, which itself holds the history of the visit by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka. The legend tells us that the name of the VDC 'Chitlang' has been derived from Newari 'Chaittya Lhown' meaning 'Chaittya’, made of stones. Evidences such as these show that there was a civilized society in what we know as Chitlang today, even century’s back. Many temples with amazing wood and stone carvings, artistic rest houses, available inscription of yearsbackvalidates such a claim.The route to Chitlang that we took was via the Chandragiri hills. The place is believed be too mythically, as it was believed that at the time when the demons terrorized the land, gods would intervene to protect the people. Hence, the place is said to carry immense divine activities.

As legend goes, it is said that over the hill of Chandragiri, there is aBhaleshwor Mahadev Temple.It is believed that Sati Devi, Lord Shiva’s partner, her part of the body had come off in the vicinity. Lord Shiva in having went around looking for the decaying part, came across Chandragiri. The place where her body part was found to be shaktipithas.  Hence, the religious importance.

Chitlang, located to the south west of Kathmandu valley in mid-hills called Mahabharata range, has a natural beauty that one cannot forget about which is accompanied by a rich culture. According to the census of Nepal, there were many houses in Chitlang and 7680 people.  Rich in the Newar culture, mostly the ethnic populations of Chitlang constist of Newars, Tamangs and Khas. People speak in Nepali, but among the dialects, they have Balami used in spoken, in this region.

Chitlang is surrounded by beautiful green forest, which consists of more than 160 species of birds and animals. The large green fields are an added attraction to Chitlang. There is a big Pears garden with more than thousand Pears trees. Few cottages have been constructed recently in between the garden, to provide an exciting stay in this serene land.

Chitlang offers an amazing experience, be it is just exploring, or staying over to admire the views that it has to offer. Chitlang, today, offers visitors with an opportunity of village home stay whereone can interact and get insight of the rural life in Nepal. It is undoubtedly one of the best place for hiking/trekking around Kathmandu. Chitlang boasts of 160 bird species and bird watching is something you can enjoy here. Camping and cycling here provides an equal opportunity of getting closer to the undisrupted ecology in the locality. The largest manmade lake of Nepal, Kulekhani (also known as Indrasarovar) is a short walk of 40 minutes from Chitlang.

Ashoka Stupa: The history of Chitlang VDC is believed to be related to this stupa, which itself holds the history of the visit by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka. The legend tells us that the name VDC 'Chitlang' has been derived from Newari 'Chaittya Lhown' meaning 'Chaittya' made of stones.
Indra Sarovar: Indra Sarovar, the reservoir of the Kulekhani Hydropower Project, created by constructing a
dam in a deep gorge between Kulekhani and Markhu VDCs to collect water from the local
rivers and rivulets is an extraordinary model in power engineering. IndraSarovar that spreads
over an area of 7 sq. km is Asia's first man-made lake is a popular spot for boating and fishery.

SaatDhara: As the legend goes, this is the place where the gods and goddesses, namely, Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna, Saraswoti were located and thus the term ‘Saatdhara’ is derived from the seven stone taps close to the gods. The place is surrounded by beautiful botanical forest having its setting like natural garden of mostly Katush trees. Every year on the day of Basanta Panchami, the local people celebrate colorful festival at the site of Saatdhara worshiping and paying homage to goddess Saraswoti.

Pauwa: It is an ancient structure of bricks having fine wood carving which is situated in the ward no. 2 of the village. The décor of the building reflects the tradition of Nepal’s fine art, artistry and craftsmanship. The decorative artistic pillar, tunal arts and the architectural style are the main attractions. This legendary structure is situated in the extreme northern side of Chitlang along the way the way Bhimphedi, the ancient strategic point of journey to and from Kathmandu.
Taukhel: Taukhel is a small Newari village. We have included Taukhel as an attraction because through this village we can see the authentic lifestyle of Newari people. 

Goat Farm & Cheese Factory: Chitlang boasts Nepal's only goat cheese processing industry. Chitlang has the largest grazing ground in the country and is the first village to produce goat-milk cheese

Trip Itinerary

One Night Stay Trekking Itinerary

Day 1:   We will gather up at the mentioned location and move towards our destination, Chitlang. From Godam, a little uphill thankot, we will begin our trek. It generally takes 4-6 hours depending on the walking speed. We will stay our first day at organic village resort or home stay. We will go on a short hike around Chitlang village depending upon the availability of time. We will have a campfire and dinner at evening and lots of fun.

Day 2:   We will move towards Markhu, a place where Indrasarovar is located, via trek route. We will have a good view of Gaucharan throughout the trek.It generally took 2-3 hours to reach there from Chitlang. We will do boating here at Mansarovar and return back via Bus/jeep.

Accomodation: We will accommodate you at Chitlang Organic Village Resort. A beautiful place of Pears Garden and a good hospitality. We will stay here at tents or rooms, according to the availability and cost.

Meals: Welcome snacks, dinner, barbeque, tea/breakfast and Lunch or as per the availability and demand.

Accessibility: According to the demand of customer we will provide Bus or jeep.

Trip Cost: For the cost , booking and other information contact us:

Phone: +97714221650 

for booking: wire/Bank transfer:

Bank Name: NIC ASIA Bank Ltd. 

Chhetrapati baranch. 

A/C No. 1141499472524001

Benefacery Name: Rara Treks Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd


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